domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

El cine en la formación humanística en Medicina

En esta ocasión quiero recomendaros un artículo sobre la importancia del humanismo médico en la docencia de la medicina titulado: 

Cinema para o Estudante de Medicina: um Recurso Afetivo/Efetivo na Educação Humanística. Movies for Medical Students: An Effective and Affective Resource in Humanistic Medical Education de Pablo González Blasco, Dante M. C. Gallian, Adriana F. T. Roncoletta y Graziela Moreto. REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE EDUCAÇÃO MÉDICA 2005;29(2): 119-128.

A continuación copio el abstract del artículo que puede leerse a texto completo de forma gratuita en el siguiente link:


Humanism is a critical trait for physicians to learn for developing like professionals who are committed to understanding and caring for their patients. Humanities and arts are educational resources that can be used to develop future physicians’ humanism. Movies are a particularly useful resource for developing medical students’ affective domain (i.e., attitudes and beliefs).

Teaching in the affective domain requires innovative instructional strategies that meet our learners’ needs and with techniques that are current and fit the students´ culture. These strategies must move beyond lecturing about theoretical concepts to using modalities that stir learners’ emotions, provide visual images, and promote thinking and reflection. The authors’ approach invokes learners’ emotions, aids the construction of concepts through reflection in groups, helps them learn new ways to strengthen physician/patient relationships and communication skills, and gives them a framework to reflect on and apply these important concepts in their daily lives. This innovative learning process aims to encourage the futures physicians to become selfdirected learners and develop career commitments. This methodology can be used in several educational sets for medical students and requires teachers who are familiar to humanities and to the student centered learning process.


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